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Seoul Taco

Seoul Taco started with David Choi’s idea to use the family’s Korean BBQ marinade recipe. The brothers Ben, Joe and David joined with long-time friend Jake Vehige to form Seoul Taco. They say the secret is in the marinating process. They marinate their meats in all natural herbs, spices, and fresh vegetables for an entire day before they even fire up the grill.

For as long as David Choi can remember, the bold yet traditional flavors of Korean BBQ have played an integral role in his culinary and cultural identity. Growing up in St. Louis, his Korean heritage always played a large part in his upbringing and for the Choi household, they took no greater joy than celebrating family events and holidays with his grandmother’s legendary Korean BBQ. Although the family recipe is only known by a select few, David always took pleasure in cooking for friends and acquaintances.

This desire to share the unfamiliar flavors of his grandma’s Korean recipe led Choi to take the next step. In 2011 Seoul Taco hit the streets as one of the pioneers in the rapidly growing food truck scene in St. Louis. The Korean BBQ concept was combined with traditional Mexican dishes such as tacos, quesadillas, and bowls. However, the heart and soul of Seoul Taco still lies in those traditional Korean flavors and the marinating process. The company quickly expanded into an additional food truck in Columbia and a storefront in “The Delmar Loop” in St. Louis.

The menu includes tacos, quesadillas, burritos, Gogi bowls, and nachos with your choice of blugogi (steak), chicken, spicy pork, and tofu with kimchi slaw and kimchi fried rice as popular side choices. You now have one more way to get Seoul Taco – they recently joined OrderUp in Columbia. Want a party experience as unique as their special marinade? Seoul Taco can even cater a taco bar at your special events.


Ben Choi, Joe Choi, Jake Vehige, David Choi