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Collins Brothers LLC

Jordan and Jonathan Collins started out mowing lawns together as teenagers and even completed a few construction jobs. Soon, the brothers began investing and generating real estate. By 2008, the duo formed Collins Brothers LLC, which has now grown into a thriving local company that owns more than 30 residential rental properties, approximately 200 self-storage units and various commercial rentals. Collins Brothers LLC also operates a fleet of heavy equipment with crews trained to handle most any construction job. Some services include property sales and rental, hauling, excavation, land-clearing, trenching and residential construction.

The Collins brothers are a first generation family-owned business, and the family ties don’t end with them. A large portion of their employees are family members, too. In fact, the brothers represent the fifth generation to live in Carter County. They say they believe in reinvesting in the community they cherish and are proud Collins Brothers LLC owns properties in Winona, Van Buren, Ellsinore and Poplar Bluff.


Jordan & Johnathan Collins